Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mets season going south, Arsenal start off strong

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty)
For the fourth straight year, the "Amazin" Mets have again let down their fans and are facing another meaningless end of the season. Unlike the great collapses of 2007 and 2008, this year's Mets have done little to even remain relevant in to September. If not for the hapless Washington Nationals, the Mets could be looking at a last place finish. The ironic part is that the Mets came in to the season as a team expected to score but with a questionable pitching staff. In the end, their pitching was outstanding and their hitting was non existent. The only chance Mets starters have to win a game is pretty much to pitch a shutout. Even then, getting a win is not a certainty. Pathetic is how you say M-E-T-S, Mets.

Luckily, the new English and European football season has begun and Arsenal are off to a solid start collecting 7 points in their first three games. While the haters continue to write off the Gunners before the season even gets going, they have shown muscle and resolve thus far. Plus, with captain and World Cup winner Cesc Fabregas remaining at the club, the prospects for the new campaign, as well as the Champions League, look good.

New teams to hate this year, in addition to Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, are the pretenders Manchester City and Tottenham. City has become the New York Yankees of England buying up whomever and whatever they want with no real team plan. Tottenham fans are letting last year's fourth place finish fill their heads with false pictures of grandeur and success. It was therefore quite enjoyable to watch both cocky wannabes fall to weaker opponents this past weekend. Tottenham sputtered and lost to Wigan while Man City went to Sunderland and came up losers.