Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Robin van Persie Shows One of the Most Disrespectful and Blatant Acts of Disloyalty Ever

Disgraceful, Disloyal & Disgusting
Judas Van Persie
I am furious as I write this as I really never thought that this was ever going to happen. The ridiculous amount of speculation and false headlines led me to believe that this was just a circus act that was going to end in the right way. However, the just released announcement that Arsenal have agreed to sell their team captain and last season's top scorer to rivals Manchester United makes me sick.

Where to start? Let's start with the club. Arsenal, you are the employer. RVP was your employee. He signed a contract with you and had one year left. Just because he expressed his desire to leave the club does not mean that you have to give in to his demands. Perhaps the world of football is different than the real world, but you would never see such an act of insubordination rewarded anywhere else. If I had tried that with my boss, I'd be fired or severely reprimanded. If the club felt that RVP would have been a bad influence on the rest of the club, they should have decided what to do with don't let the disgruntled player decide. If I had been in charge of the club, RVP would be playing with the reserves or would have been shipped off to some desolate wasteland like Donetsk or eastern Russia. Of course I understand the money side of the business, but there's also money to be lost by helping your competition to get better. What the hell are the people in charge of Arsenal thinking?
Na$ri - It's about the money
Then there's the timing. Arsenal have brought in three great signings this off-season and the early signs are that there is a new found harmony and unity in the Arsenal camp. Six weeks ago, RVP jeopardized this with his disgraceful public announcement via the Interent. "His" announcement was so smug and rude and obviously took swipes at certain factions within the Arsenal hierarchy. The comments were not addressed or mentioned officially by anyone inside Arsenal Football Club. Since then, it's been one annoying rumor after the other about where RVP will end up. There were at least six various destinations that were floated about with several of them being outside of the EPL. So what do Arsenal do, they wait until three days before the start of the new season to sell their captain and star player to one of their most hated rivals. What this will do to the morale in the Arsenal dressing room, I have no idea...but what it's done to the morale of the fans is CRUSH it. If you were going to cave in to Alex Ferguson, Arsenal sure picked the worst possible time to do so.

Benedict Van Persie
Last but not least is the player himself. Robin van Persie is showing such a lack of class, appreciation and respect that it's hard to put in to words without cursing up a storm. Arsene Wenger signed him when he was 20 years old and stood by his side for years while RVP was out injured, was accused of sexual assault and spent more time out of the lineup than in it. Supposedly RVP grew up an Arsenal fan and expressed how much he loved the club. After the departure of Cesc Fabregas last year, RVP was given the ultimate honor in being named the team's new captain.

As we all know, RVP had the season of his life last year and showed that Wenger knew what he had when he originally signed RVP. The fans loved him and sang his name with pride. When he released that vile statement of his on July 4th it was rather shocking. Whatever problems he had with the club, he owed it to the fans and Arsene Wenger to deal with them in a more private manner. All he did was add further discord to the club and cause a summer of discontent for the club's supporters. If it was so important to him to leave the club, he could have chosen to do so in a more transparent and respectful way. This was just unforgivable.

Guy Fawkes =RVP
I could never imagine world class athletes and team leaders such as Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, etc. publicly stating that they did not agree with the management of their team and demanding a trade to one of their clubs' rivals. How RVP could do this and how Arsenal could allow him to get away with this is beyond me.

RVP owes it to the fans and Wenger to issue a public statement explaining his actions and thanking them for their support. It won't take away the sting but his selfish and ill-mannered behavior has forever stained any respect he had previously earned from his supporters.

Robin van Persie is perhaps worse than Judas, Benedict Arnold, Guy Fawkes, Brutus, Na$ri and RYAN GIGGS (haven't forgotten that you slept with your brother's wife) combined.
RVP joins another traitor, Ryan Giggs

For centuries to come, Gooners will use the term "You are a Van Persie" any time they are betrayed. Van Persie is now a part of the vernacular for eternity. In the dictionary the meaning of Van Persie is "a pampered, overpaid, ungrateful, disloyal mercenary".