Friday, December 17, 2010

I Don't Like Mondays...and the Phantom of the Opera

It's taken me until Friday to finally deal with the happenings of this past Monday. Monday was the day of the big game and I was full of nervous tension and optimism as Arsenal were heading up to Old Trafford to face Manchester United for a top of the table clash. I met up with some fellow Arsenal fans at the team's official NYC pub, The Blind Pig, (yes that's the real name) as it's always fun to watch games of this magnitude with other fans.

Arsenal vs. Manchester United has always been one of the top fixtures in the EPL and in years past the teams were generally on a level playing field. However, over the past 5-6 years Arsenal always seem to come up short, losing on a regular basis to the team hardcore Arsenal fans refer to as ManU(re).

Of course the pre game hype was ridiculous and Arsenal supporters were full of hope that things would finally go their team's way. Arsenal began play at the top of the league and Man. U. has not looked as strong as they have in the past.

Long story short, Arsenal held their own, the game was a defensive battle and in the end, it mattered for nothing. Man. U. scored the only goal of the game on a deflection...luck really. The only enjoyable part of the game was watching Wayne "Shrek" Rooney sky his bogus penalty shot over the net and in to the stands.

Leaving the bar I was bummed but my next stop was a focus group where I was going to be paid $100 cash for participating in a discussion on Broadway shows. The person who had registered me pretty much told me what to say in order to qualify. So, what do I do? I forget that she told me to claim to have not seen Phantom of the Opera (I have seen it twice and both times fell asleep), and I check off that I've seen it. I realize my error, but having already turned in the paper, it's too late. I am disqualified from the group and not paid.

Later that night, I find out that the Philadelphia Phillies have signed free agent pitcher Cliff Lee which pretty much guarantees that the Mets will be irrelevant and the Phillies' doormat for the next few years.

Mets fans look forward to 2015 season

The good thing about sports, however, is there's always a next game and a chance to turn things around. Arsenal are still in good position and there's plenty of time left in their season. As for the Mets, you never know what's going to happen, so there will be hope once the 2011 season gets underway.

As for Phantom of the Opera, I am never seeing it again!

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