Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arsenal - The Agony and the Ecstasy Via Twitter

The events on the pitch this past Saturday are without a doubt some of the most inexplicable that Arsenal fans have seen in quite some time.  Between the kickoff of Arsenal's visit to Newcastle and the final whistle of ManUre's match at Wolves gooners everywhere, experienced every emotion in the book.  Rather than try to explain the events that unfolded, I thought it would be best to use the actual words of my "tweeps", fellow Arsenal supporters on Twitter.  What follows are actual tweets from folks that I follow that perhaps best portray one of the craziest and maddening match days that Arsenal fans have experienced in recent times. 

So with out further delay, here are the "tweets" of my "tweeps":

1Bastard Less than an hour til KickOff.

L3W1_UK Arsenal Team to Play N'Castle - Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Kosh, Clichy, Diaby, Wilshere, Fabregas, Walcott, Robin Van Persie, Arshavin

Gunnersphere @bala_chn Going for the same result, I hope we thump them 5-0 haha

Gunnersphere How many injuries will we suffer at the hands of Joey 'dirty bugger' barton today? predictions? haha

evadztif “@VerityJNutjob: OH TO OH TO BE OH TO BE A GOONER”OOOH TO OOH TO BE!!!

JT4Mets4Arsenal 44 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!! Walcott!! #Arsenal

gunnersandroses @xxAbbieRyanxx 2-0 djourou, header from AA23 free kick!!! :D

L3W1_UK Don’t mean to sound Cocky here but Would LOVE to see 6 goals. + Clean Sheet! Would like Arshavin to bag one + RVP 2nd Hat-trick

Van Persie scores, Arsenal are cruising
Geoghegan10 3-0!

evadztif FOUR!!!!!!!!

goonsofanarchy I almost feel bad for #Newcastle. almost. #Arsenal

Gunnersphere Right I retract my 2-1 prediction and now say 6-0 is on the cards lol

Geoghegan10 HT 4-0

YankeeGunner Underway. More of the same please

YankeeGunner Oh dear god. Djourou injured. He's off.

NYArsenal oh My god, Squillaci is a liability

BatterseaGoonar As much as Diaby is a fool for being sent off. Seeing Joey Barton get floored like that was a consolation to me. What a twat

TheSKAGooner Wow. Replay of the Barton challenge...Barton could have gone as well.

feverpitch Never a penalty. Diving bastard.

gnnr Getting silly now. Shouldn't be scared of anything or panicking, we're 4-1 up with 15 to go. Just keep your heads boys

gnnr Fuck's sake Arsenal. This is pathetic. Getting bullied off the park here.

arseblog How the fuck is this a penalty?

GGooner Very soft. Dowd is a tosser

ArsenalStation To be honest, I don't care if we win 4-3 as long as we don't get any more injuries.

feverpitch Oh shit! Bastards have scored again.

GGooner Surely we can't chuck this away !!!! #arsenal

This can't be happening
YankeeGunner 4-4. Wonder strike by tiote

arsenalmania 4-4 full time. Absolute shite.

plymouthgooner WTF? #Arsenal

TheArsenal Phil Dowd walks off with arrogant air of a man who doesn't know how f**kin inept he is. The second penalty is more than a gift. Outrageous.

feverpitch Dowd was a great half time signing by Newcastle.

gnnr Seriously, I hope you die in a car crash on the way home tonight, Dowd. Two generous penalties and a red card. You fucker

feverpitch How do you let a fucking 4-0 lead slip? Oh yes. The fucking ref gives 2 soft penalties, your holding mid gets a stupid red, CB injured again

NYArsenal Rosicky, foul for pen 3, foul leads to goal 4. uninspired substitution.

GGooner Fucking gutted !! I'm sure that was not a free kick that led to their equalizer. Fuck you Dowd ! #arsenal

GoonerPaulG Just woke up, that Newcastle game was a dream right? RIGHT????

GoonerTalk That game is an example of how football can put the biggest downer on your weekend.

ashburton_grove There is every Gooner's weekend ruined in 45 minutes. #Afc fans talk to me, can't believe what happened

thegoonblog Fuck you Phil Down. I repeat: Fuck. You.

Dirt Bag of the Match - Joey Barton
 Arsenal904 Fuck Joey Barton.....

Geoghegan10 I feel sick.

KeithTheGooner I don't want to talk about it. #TheArsenal

Gunnersphere Phil 'dick-wod' Dowd is a fat wanker who should be signing up at the job centre tomorrow morning following his shitty performance. Bastard

ArsenalUpdates Now that the anger has died down, time for some words of wisdom: Phil Dowd is a f***** c***

GoonerTalk The swear word count has gone through the roof on Gooner Talk in the past 30 minutes.

ArsenalStation @DarrenArsenal1 I don't think anyone is denying the poor performance in the 2nd half, but there's no doubt that Dowd changed the match.

feverpitch I feel lower than Joey Barton's morals

TheGoonerholic With £35 million in the bank you would think Newcastle will act swiftly to make Phil Dowd's signing permanent.

Arsenal904 I heard Joey Barton was the guy who mugged Redknapp in Spain...

Arsenal904 Joey Barton is a street thug. Someone will leave him laying on a sidewalk somewhere some day.

Arsenal904 In America no one even knows the Refs names in most sportsThat means they are doing their jobs.in England the refs are out to make a name

Geoghegan10 I still can't believe we surrendered a 4-0 lead.

1Bastard Watched a romantic comedy after the game. That's how depressed i am about the result. Why Arsenal Why!

evadztif I'm home, drunk and still enormously frustrated by today's events....still fucking livid actually....

gnnr Right, consoling myself with the fact we've got a point, and off to do the washing up. Life goes on...

ArsenalStation It's an away draw... not the end of the world or title race. The real test is how we respond to this.

Goonersweb Wolves v Manchester United: LIVE: Manchester United will look to take advantage of Arsenal's implosion at Newca

HappyGoonerDays We have to hope manure drop points #gobsmacked by the ref display today terrible decision on 2nd pen

iSupportArsenal I'm Going To The Sofá To See If I Give Bad Luck To United

Phil Dowd was Newcastle's 12th man
L3W1_UK Breaking News - Phil Dowd is in Mike Ashley’s helicopter on the way to Wolves to try and win the game for Sir Alex

gunnersandroses #nw utd vs wolves. We all know what'll happen here so it's safer to change the channel and spare more agony.

JamrockRover Manure score with their first attack at Wolves. Fuck a mother fucking duck

L3W1_UK I would run down the street naked if Man utd manage to fuck their game up against Wolves.

JamrockRover Wolves have equalized :)

GGooner Some cheer at last !!! Come on the Wolves !!

JamrockRover I love you Kevin Doyle Wolves 2-1 Manure

NJArsenalFan CMON WOLVES! if United come back and win this game i WILL do something i regret, such as throw my laptop through the tv.

L3W1_UK As i said, If Man utd Dropped points today I’ll run down the street naked. How newcastle fans can defend a man of disgust in Barton is a joke

ManUnitedCheat Don't get excited, #mufc will win this game, probably dodgy pen or deflection... #cheats

ManUnitedCheat Referees are worth 10 points a season to #mufc and that is no exaggeration.

NJArsenalFan i hate watching United. you always know they have the advantage of the referee, plus the announcers always kiss their asses

Geoghegan10 C'mon wolves. Will we actually make up ground today after all that!!! Crazy league

OleGunner We all know how the Wolves game will end now don't we? Late penalty for Man utd. They get 1 more. they win

NYArsenal 5 added minutes. Fergie time.

L3W1_UK Ok now I’m worried, I said to Twitter and My GF I would run down the street Naked if UTD don’t win. Now it could be happening

NJArsenalFan 2 MINUTES!

BostonGooners 60 seconds


ArsenalOffside Congratulation to Wolves who've handed United their 1st defeat. Arsenal get out of jail. 4 points back.

There's only one Kevin Doyle!
Gunnersphere WOLVESSSS!!! fuck off Utd!

OleGunner Invincible they're not. #ManUtd #Arsenal

HappyGoonerDays Your not invincible anymore lovely lovely we gained a point

ashburton_grove Ok. Weekend isn't so crap now! Manchester United lose!

ManUnitedCheat Live from Wolverhampton - it's the Three Point Drop.

ManUnitedCheat Scholes, Giggs, Rooney and Smalling all escaped blatant reds, 5 mins Fergie Time, and you still FUCKED IT UP #mufc

BayAreaGooners Huge debt to Wolves. After Arsenal debacle today, this is just what we needed.Put an end to the United as new "Invincibles" rubbish finally.

evadztif Does that make what happened today better or worse???

GGooner Well done Wolves. That has numbed the pain slightly. #notunbeaten #arsenal

feverpitch So we got a useful point away today!!

BostonGooners Ground made up! 4 points back, we're still well in this title race!

YouAreMyArsenal by ArsenalStation
Thank you Wolves - on a day we made crappy history - you preserved our good history #Arsenal

feverpitch 29 games unbeaten. Is that all you can manage?

feverpitch Untouchable my Arse! Fuck off Man U. There are only one unbeatables.

L3W1_UK You guys do make up some stuff? I never said I’ll run down the street naked if they lose. Whhhaaaat! Haha! Oh how I do love football,

NJArsenalFan things I never thought I’d see today: Arsenal blow a 4 goal lead and United lose to Wolves. this is why I watch! never know what can happen!

L3W1_UK Ok, I put my hands up, I was the first to say Premier league is over, But.. You know what? IT'SSSS BACKKKKK ON BABYYYYYYYYY

jack_wilshere Very strange day We are gutted like all of the AFC fans, but on the positive side we have a point and manu lost! Let’s learn and move forward!

Persie_Official Shame about the result today. Good thing is that manU lost so everything is still in our own hands!

NJArsenalFan love seeing that "1" go up in the loss column under Utd.

L3W1_UK Right, What a day, What a day of Premier League football. Still Gutted about the game and the red but UTD lose and we are let off

Arsenal_Away We love you Arsenal, we do, We love you Arsenal, we do, We love you Arsenal, we do, Oh Arsenal we love you!

PositiveArsenal Today's positives are 1 point gained on the Moans and no match of the invincibles season

L3W1_UK '' But when the dust settles on this crazy weekend, only one thing will matter. They are closer to the summit '' - #FACT

JT4Mets4Arsenal The past 4 hours: Confident, nervous, gutted, depressed, optimistic, hopeful, nervous, very nervous, elated. Arsenal draw, ManUre lose.

So, in the end Arsenal are up 4-0 and end up with a 4-4 draw.  ManUre have the chance to pick up points over second place Arsenal and continue their pursuit of Arsenal's 2003-2004 Invincibles who went an entire season without a loss.  They take an early 1-0 lead and somehow lowly Wolves come back, take the lead and hold on for a famous win.  Net result...Arsenal pick up one point on ManUre and are now closer to the top of the table.  How fans interpret things is up to each fan individually.  I refuse to focus on the negatives.  It's a valuable point for Arsenal and shows why football truly is "the beautiful game".

@Arsenal Fans Everywhere...#Arsenal for the title.

The true Invincibles


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