Monday, June 20, 2011

Remembering Sorcha, my best friend and fellow Mets and Arsenal supporter

Sorcha the Arsenal and Mets loving Boston Terrier

I love Arsenal and I love the New York Mets and both have given me plenty of joy and heartache over the years.  A recent event, however, has made me realize that the relationship I have with the teams that I follow is completely one sided.  While I might profess to "love" my teams, Arsenal and the Mets are not reaching back to me with gifts and tokens of affection.  While I root for Carlos Beltran to hit home runs and raise his batting average, he isn't worrying about the fact that the recession has affected my employment situation.  Likewise, my admiration for Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas runs deep and my hope is that he will stay on as the team's captain and lead the team to trophies.  However, Fabregas is totally unaware of my everyday life and the problems that I am faced with.  So while I support my teams and stick with them through thick and thin, I realize that love is a bit of a misguided word to express my connection to them.  I am a fan, they offer me a diversion and enjoyment and perhaps a sense of belonging.

Sorcha checks out Arsenal from bed
The reason these thoughts about the bond that I have with the Mets and Arsenal came up this week is because I lost my true best friend and greatest companion.  Sorcha was my beloved Boston Terrier and she gave me the greatest gift anyone can ever receive, unconditional love.  No matter what the day would bring or if I came home feeling as if the world had beaten me up, there was Sorcha rushing to greet me, kiss me and jumping around with crazy excitement at my arrival.  Sorcha was the first dog I ever owned and the love and companionship that I got from her were the greatest gifts I have ever received.  Her sudden and unexpected passing has left me devastated, lost and completely broken hearted.

Sorcha celebrates her Irish roots
Sorcha arrived to stay with me for two weeks in the summer of 2005 as her Irish owners were leaving New York City to return to Ireland during the boom of the Celtic Tiger.  Due to quarantine rules, Sorcha was unable to enter Ireland for another 4 months.  Myself and another family agreed to foster her during this period.  After the initial 2 weeks, I told the other family that I would be happy to watch her for the entire time.  As the months rolled along, Sorcha stole my heart and became a part of my world.  She also became a regular fixture and favorite in my building and throughout the neighborhood.  I dreaded the thought that she would eventually leave to join her family in Ireland.

Sorcha the goalie
As the time got closer, I exchanged e-mails with Sorcha's owner in Ireland and asked if I could keep her.  He said no, they missed her, their family wasn't complete without her, etc. and he would begin making plans.  I was crushed.  Then a funny thing happened...NOTHING.  I never heard from him again.  While some folks took this as Sorcha being abandoned, I think what happened is the owner's wife (with three small children and a new home) told her husband leave the dog in New York as Sorcha was with someone who would love her and they had their hands full in Ireland. I don't know for sure, but I know that Patrick, Sorcha's original owner, loved her.  Either way, Sorcha and I were now "family".

Sorcha was obsessed with her tennis ball and would chase it non stop.  A number of the workers in the building where I live in are of Spanish descent and gave her the Spanish nickname Sorchita (little Sorcha) and would practice their soccer/football skills with her using one of her tennis balls.  In time, Sorcha became a pretty good goalie and could stop many a shot.

Sorcha loves Arsenal
While I'm not sure if she was as in to the games as I was, (I'd like to believe that she was a hardcore Arsenal and NY Mets supporter) Sorcha watched many, many Arsenal matches and sat through tons of New York Mets games.  Being the cute dog that she was, I subjected her to many humiliating photos of her in Arsenal gear and posing with Mets paraphernalia and a Mr. Met stuffed toy.  When Arsenal would score and I would go nuts, she would look at me with that puzzled look as if to say, "You are insane".  On the other hand, when the Mets would blow a game and I'd be cursing at the TV, Sorcha would just came over with her tennis ball and demand to play.  She was a definite calming influence and always brought me back down to reality.

Sorcha passed away in her sleep last weekend and the shock has yet to subside.  My fandom is so ridiculous that I took the fact that the Mets came back to win on the day of her passing as a sign that she was at peace and was content.  I am not a religious person and I am having difficulty coming to grips with my loss. However, the memories that I have of the time that I spent with Sorcha and the unconditional love that she gave to me are comforting me at this time of sorrow. 

I will always remember you and love you Sorcha, and I know that you are in doggy heaven cheering on Arsenal and the New York Mets. 

Sorcha checks up on the Arsenal and NY Mets results

Sorcha leads the cheers for Arsenal

Sorcha shows her Arsenal allegiance

Sorcha asks for divine intervention for Arsenal & the Mets

Sorcha loves Arsenal

Sorcha's Arsenal cap

Sorcha forced to model a Leeds cap
Sorcha's favorite Italian squad in Calcio

Sorcha ready to kill for being forced to pose with a Hull jersey

One of Sorcha's many Arsenal scarfs
Sorcha schedules her viewing plans for Arsenal & the NY Mets


  1. Joc,

    My Heart goes out to you. Sorcha was the First Dog if you will of the WFAN promotions department. Cute kid and we'll all miss Sorcha. Very sorry for your loss.

  2. That must have been a tough one to write, Jocelyn, but it's beautifully expressed. So long Sorcha. Tony F.

  3. Yes, she was the greatest fan to both the teams and her owner! A very moving tribute to a noble beast's passing. CMS

  4. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Sorcha was a great companion and the love shared between the two of you was real. Keep your head up! -TJ