Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mets, Arsenal and Total Exasperation

After witnessing the North London Derby today, I realized that I was out of words to describe the current state of Arsenal.  It has been a terrible start to the new season and it dates back to February and the team's inexcusable loss to Birmingham City in the Carling Cup Final.  Since then the team has been out of sorts and to be honest, a complete mess.

Also annoying the crap out of me this last week was the fact that Jose Reyes of the Mets has taken so much abuse for the way he won the National League batting title.  For whatever reason, Jose Reyes has become the whipping boy despite having an amazing season and legitimately ending the season with the league's highest batting average.

Rob Kirkpatick of The Huffington Post is spot on with his defense of Reyes and the idiotic comments of the critics and naysayers.  As he says in the final line of his article, "he (Reyes) earned the 2011 National League batting title, fair and square.

So, since I am exasperated and at a loss for words, I took a sampling of some of the comments from Twitter regarding Arsenal and Jose Reyes and decided to use them to show some of the thoughts of those in the Twitterverse.

Up first is reaction to Arsenal's 2-1 loss to bitter rivals Tottenham:

As an #Arsenal fan abroad, really pains me that Fox has started broadcasting games in the US in HD during a most abysmal start to our season

Arsenal lost again... I guess its really a difficult time for us... We will survive

Last thing I'm saying on #afc is that times are rough, I'm gutted and not happy. But these things go in cycles. They'll all get theirs too

Footballs just depressing me now another weekend ruined. Hurts to say but fact were not good enough

We need big changes in January- this is now a 'Damage Limitation' project- Top 4 is a distant Target but a target nonetheless #AFC

being an arsenal fan is so stressful.

Spuds, you may have won the battle, but you'll never win the war. #NorthLondondIsRed #61neveragain

Arsene Wenger's frustration at Arsenal's extremely disappointing start to the season shows no sign of going away.

Negatives : Jenkinson is way out of his depth , Ramsey gave away possession too often , Arteta ineffective and was Walcott playing today ?

Players/ team sad but we must except it... Spend or pay or we will be well and truly fucked,that's how the game as moved on AW must act...

We are def a cursed club at the min #goonerfamily

As if losing to Sp*rs was not enough, our best defender fractured his fibula. Nothing more to say now, i'm off

All we can do is get behind the team and manager 110%. Nothing will change until January at the earliest. We need to ignore the fake fans.

Its never nice to lose to the scum... But onwards and upwards I say#keepthefaith#coyg #northlondonisred

Nevertheless i'll always be Gooner 'Till The End! #NorthLondonIsRed

Wenger also looks like a beaten man who had no idea anymore. #shame

At least Song had the better of Adebwhore today...surely didn't want that friggin' clown to score. #GoonerFamily #Arsenal #AFC

Depressed as fuck, so taking a time out. #Arsenal forever.

As for the Reyes situation here's a sampling of the vitriol from the haters and the support from fans:

I'm still tripping over the jose Reyes bunting and walking out the game for the Mets last week!

Sure, Jose Reyes may have won the batting title, but Ryan Braun was actually good enough to help his team to the #PostSeason. #beastmode

Dear Jose Reyes, I saved my 3-for-4 for when it counts, during the playoffs. Enjoy your trophy at home. /s/ Braun #BrewCrew

I'm not a #brewers fan, but the way Jose Reyes "won" the batting title was shameful. #mets #MLB

Ryan Braun is a class act, Jose Reyes takes the easy way out and Braun takes it like a professional. Give him the batting title, not Reyes.

In Today's State The Obvious: Jose Reyes Is No Ted Williams -

Braun, 2nd in batting tie to the wussy Jose Reyes, is 3-4 today. Good hitter.

Braun got his 3 for 4, one game too late. Hope jose Reyes is enjoying the show (at home)

Everyone hating on Jose Reyes.. Fuck them

Congrats to Jose Reyes on the batting title - skills and smarts.

Congrats to the NL Batting Champ Jose #Reyes - Let's hope Sandy and staff work out a solid deal #mets

if you talk shit about Jose Reyes #YouNeedToShutUp

Just in case I didn't make it clear enough: 2011, final stats. Jose Reyes, BA .337 . Jimmy Rollins BA .268 .

Hey @AmyKNelson, Can you ask Jimmy Rollins why he's so concerned about Jose Reyes and the Mets (like normal) rather than the Cardinals?

Seems Like Jose Reyes Is Forever On Jimmy Rollins Mind; Does Jimmy Have An Inferiority Complex?

So, congrats to Jose Reyes for being the first New York Mets to win the National League batting championship and I hope the Mets do the right thing and re-sign him.  For now the Mets' season is over and it's time to root for the Yankees, Phillies and Cardinals to lose in the playoffs.

As for Arsenal, the season is young and I really believe that they can turn things around.  Everyone seems to forget Liverpool's start last season where everyone was talking crisis and relegation.  They turned things around and shut the critics up.  Arsenal needs to do the same.  As for the fans, they need to do that, remain fans.

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