Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Festive Holiday Period Brings Upsets and the Return of Thierry Henry

The festive holiday period and all the fixtures that it brings has come and gone. There were a lot of upsets and some crazy games. One lesson that I learned is don't laugh too hard at the failure of others as it may come back to haunt you. However, it is fun to see mercenaries, dirt bags and arrogant overpaid prima donnas lose and even get humiliated.

My favorite results from the holiday period:


*Chelsea 1-Fulham 1 - Clint Dempsey scores to give Fulham a point at Stamford Bridge.
*Liverpool 1-Blackburn 1 -  A Charlie Adam own goal at Anfield gave last place Blackburn a point.
*West Brom 0-Man City 0 - Crisis in Manchester. Overpaid millionaires fail to score.

John Terry misses again and Ireland scores 

*Chelsea 1-Aston Villa 3 - More dropped points for Chelsea & "the new special one" Andre Villlas Boas.
*Man United 2-Blackburn 3 - At home, Fergie & boys lose to last place Blackburn. A very enjoyable result.
Fergie increases his gum chewing after loss to Blackburn                  

*Sunderland 1-Man City 0 - Happy New Year big time! My favorite result. Mancini must have wanted to tie that scarf a bit tighter.
Ji Dong gives fans of every other team something to cheer about

Newcastle 3 - Man United 0 - My second favorite result. Not only did Newcastle rip United apart and expose many flaws in Fergie's team, they played one of the best all around team games that I have ever seen.

Demba Ba scores and Phil Jones will score for the other team later
As for Arsenal...drawing with Wolves 1-1 was somewhat annoying. They then went on to beat QPR 1-0 and I was confident that they would easily beat Fulham. Well, here's where karma got me. Up 1-0 with about ten minutes left in the match, Arsenal threw away the lead and the game. While I would like to blame Sebastien Squillaci (who actually came on as a sub when Johan Djourou was sent off after a soft second yellow card), there was plenty of blame to go around. Outside of Robin Van Persie, the rest of the team seems to have forgotten how to score. Walcott looked lost, Ramsey made a lot of bad passes and Arsenal's back line is in shambles with injuries to Sagna, Santos, Vermaelen, Gibbs and Jenkinson.

The return of the king
Some good news was delivered to Arsenal and the team's fans this holiday as the rumored return of Thierry Henry for a six week period was confirmed. Just having Henry around the team is enough of a boost to hopefully drive the team forward. Sagna, Wilshere and Gibbs are expected back soon and hopefully Wenger will bring in some talent during the transfer window. #COYG.


Bankruptcy could be good news if it gets rid of the Wilpons
As for the Mets...well there isn't much to say. The only good thing to happen to the team lately is that everybody's favorite mascot, Mr. Met, was profiled in the New York Times.

Also, there is speculation that the Wilpons may file for bankruptcy. You know your team is in trouble when filing for bankruptcy is treated as good news.

As for the baseball, pitchers and catchers officially report to Port St. Lucie on February 15th. Whether we're ready or not, Spring Training is coming and so is the season.

The face of the New York Mets...not Bill's Mr. Met

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