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The Official "Arsenal Media Crisis Count 2013-2014"


  [krahy-sis] noun, plural cri·ses [krahy-seez]  adjective, noun
a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all futureevents, especially for better or for worse, is determined; turningpoint.
a condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic,political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change.
a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person'slife.

The English language is amazing. There are different meanings for certain words and then there are words that are often used out of context for dramatic effect or in the case of the English media, to attract readers.

Take the word CRISIS for example. When I think of a crisis I think of a natural disaster, family issues or some catastrophic event. For the English media, the word crisis seems to mean Arsenal. So, to prove this point, I have officially begun the "Arsenal Media Crisis Count 2013-2014". 

Feel free to forward any missed "crisis" referrals as I wouldn't want to deny a member of the press the opportunity to be included in this historic list.

So without any further delay, here's the "Arsenal Media Crisis Count 2013-2014":

(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Metro 8/15/13
Arsenal injury crisis grows as Mikel Arteta joins Theo Walcott and Bacray Sagna on treatment table ahead of Aston Villa opener

The Mirror 8/16/13
Arsene Wenger denies Arsenal are in crisis as he gets set to silence his transfer critics

Evening Standard 8/16/13
No deals, no crisis insists Arsene Wenger

Yahoo Sports 8/17/13
Arsenal stake early claim for ‘crisis club’ tag after calamitous opening game

Wide World of Sports 8/20/13
Arsenal hit by early season injury crisis

GiveMeSport 8/21/13
Arsenal are not a team in crisis

Daily Mail 8/21/13
Fenerbahce 0 Arsenal 3: Crisis? What crisis? Gibbs, Ramsey and Giroud give Wengers wounded soldiers a Euro tonic

Here Is The City 8/22/13
Arsenal: The latest club to demonstrate how the word 'crisis' is incredibly overused

The Guardian 8/22/13
Football Weekly Extra: Arsenal crisis averted as Fenerbahce swept aside

The Times of India 8/24/13
Arsenal ease past Fulham 3-1 to end crisis talk

The Mirror 8/25/13
Arsene Wenger blames media for "brainwashing" Arsenal fans into thinking there is a crisis at the Emirates

September 2013

Daily Mail 9/11/13
Record buy Ozil set for debut at Sunderland as Arsenal injury crisis worsens

Everything has been going GREAT since the opening day loss to Aston Villa and the early cries of a massive "crisis" at Arsenal. Therefore the "crisis" count has slowed down.

San Francisco Chronicle 9/26/13
Soccer in Crisis is Merely Way of World

October 2013

South China Morning Post 10/5/13
Soccer 'crisis talk' comes far too easy these days

Bleacher Report 10/20/13
Key's to Arsenal's Turnaround: From Crisis Club to Top of the Table

November 2013

Oh no, Arsenal lost a game....could the team be in "crisis"? At least this one is funny. 

The Week 11/11/13
Arsenal crisis! Arsene Wenger spotted in cursed puffer jacket

(Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

The Arsenal crisis count has been dormant lately as Arsenal have been top of the league for several months now. I thought that recent losses to Napoli and Man City would get the "crisis" pundits out in force. However, our good friends at White Hart Lane & Robin van Judas' Manchester United have become the medias latest "crisis" teams.

December 2013

CNN 12/7/13
Crisis looms at Manchester United as they fall further off EPL pace

The Mirror 12/8/13
Jonny Evans: Manchester United are suffering from a crisis in confidence

The Mirror 12/10/13
Club in crisis? Our reporters give their verdicts on where Manchester United will finish this season

Daily Mail 12/18/13
Spurs in crisis: Sherwood admits he doesn't know who will take charge of first team duties for Sunday's clash with Southampton

Here are some other great articles about some of the crisis our competitors have found themselves in:

Soccerly 12/21/2013
David Moyes Blamed for Manchester United's Injury Crisis

International Business Times 12/19/2013
Tottenham Crisis Deepens as United Stun Stoke

(Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
The Telegraph 12/10/2013
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers faces midfield injury crisis ahead of Tottenham Hostpur Test

Sky Sports 12/30/2013
John Terry says Jose Mourinho has solved Chelsea's "identity crisis"

We'll be back with more "crisis" coverage soon. Happy New Year.

January 2014

2014 has arrived and I am glad to see that the "Arsenal Media Crisis Count" is very low. Arsenal sit atop the EPL table and the pundits have had to find other clubs to tag as "Crisis" clubs. We'll share some of those below. In the meantime, Arsenal do have quite a few banged up players so it was inevitable that the word crisis would have to be used as the media can't go a few weeks without placing that tag on Arsenal.

Top of the league celebration, yet in crisis? (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Reuters 1/2/2014
Arsenal facing striker crisis ahead of Spurs FA Cup tie

Daily Mail 1/2/2014
Arsenal's injury crisis deepens as Bendtner twists ankle after scoring against Cardiff

The Sun 1/5/2014
Arsene Wenger brushes off striker crisis

Irish Mirror 1/4/2014
Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain returns to full training to help relieve Gunners injury crisis

Well we're back and sooner than we thought...but thankfully Arsenal is not the "crisis" team anymore. Making every fan of the 19 other clubs happy is the fact that Manchester United is doing crap. Today they lost at home to Swansea in the FA Cup Third Round. It was United's fourth loss in six home matches. Adding to the hilarity was watching the big mouth Rio Ferdinand limp off injured only to be replaced by the even funnier Fabio. In less than five minutes, he was off with a straight red card for an idiotic challenge. Fabio sprinted off of the pitch the moment the card was shown as if he did it on purpose so he wouldn't have to be a part of this debacle.

The Telegraph 1/6/2014
Moyes in crisis as United crash out

Daily Mail 1/5/2014
Manchester United 1 Swansea 2: Late Bony header sends Reds crashing out of the cup
Now it's getting serious. Now, David Moyes's difficult first season at Manchester United is developing into a full-blown crisis, a train-wreck of a campaign that just seems to lurch from bad to worse.

Manchester Evening News 1//5/2014
With United out of the FA Cup, can things get any worse for Moyes?
It is a crisis in anyone's language and it needs sorting now.

(Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Daily Mail 1/8/2014
Moyes Facing Crisis as United lose third game in a row

Daily Record 1/9/2014
Blame Sir Alex Ferguson & not David Moyes for crisis at Manchester United , says Tommy Docherty

Daily Star 1/9/2014
Man Utd in crisis! Chris Smalling forced to apologise after dressing up as suicide bomber

City A.M. 1/10/2014
Crisis is down to penny pinching, say United fans

Manchester Evening News 1/8/2014
Stop the Red rot: United staring at their biggest crisis

Well if there's no crisis to write about you might as well make one up. Here's the latest Arsenal "crisis":

International Business Times 1/17/2014
Arsenal in Crisis as Injury Count Rises to Eight Ahead of Fulham Clash

Arsenal survived the above injury crisis and remain atop the table. However, things are not as rosy for last year's Champions. Due to all the abuse cocky and arrogant Manchester United "fans" have given us Arsenal fans over the years, I can't help but enjoy watching Manchester United fade from relevance and from the top of the EPL table. After their loss at Chelsea today, RVP's beloved United are now 14 - FOURTEEN points behind league leaders Arsenal. Enjoy the following "crisis" headlines;

ESPN 1/19/2014
Ten stats that spell out Manchester United's crisis

Give Me Sport 1/19/2014
David Moyes denies Manchester United are in crisis

They're even reporting a Manchester United crisis in Bogota, Colombia. In any language it's hysterical.

El Espectador 1/19/2014 
Chelsea vencio a un Manchester United que no sale de la crisis

The Times of India 1/20/2014
Crisis or blip? Moyes calm as Man United falters

As if these weren't enough, check out this laughable penalty shoot out which Manchester United lost. Sunderland, currently in 19th place in the table, defeated last year's champions in a two leg semi-final for the opportunity to go to Wembley and play for the League Cup. Seeing United suffer like this is the equivalent of the poor bullied kid finally getting the last laugh at the bully.

The crisis count has been on holiday as yours truly was over in the UK to see Arsenal live. The first match away to Southampton was troubling as Arsenal looked completely out of sorts and Southampton bossed a large part of the match. The 2-2 draw was disappointing but to be honest, Arsenal were lucky to share the points considering how mediocre they were.

At home to Crystal Palace Arsenal came away 2-0 winners, but they still labored a bit and looked tired and lacking creativity. On the positive side it was the Ox scoring both goals.

Luckily I was unable to secure tickets to see Arsenal at Liverpool and had to settle for watching the match in a pub. After 20 minutes and down 4-0 I was mortified and glad that I didn't spent 90 pounds and ten hours travelling to watch Arsenal get humiliated. That being the case, the "crisis" word has once again started being bandied about. One loss, yes a bad one, and it's CRISIS time again.

February 2014

Standard Digital News 2/11/14
Wenger and Moyes in crisis as Arsenal host Man United

Daily Mail 2/11/14
Title contenders a week ago, but a crisis looms if Arsenal do not beat Manchester United...and what will Wenger's excuse be?

It's obvious that the Daily Mail hates Arsenal and Arsene Wenger but this one above is so over the top ridiculous that it's hysterical. Well Arsenal did not beat Manchester ended in a dull 0-0 draw and Arsenal are still one point off the top spot. So, according to the Daily Mail second place by one measly point is a "CRISIS". Priceless.

Fans jam the Emirates to watch a team one point off the top but are in "crisis" (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Daily Star Sunday 2/15/2014
Arsene Wenger facing a major crisis

Despite the Daily Star's prediction, it's Manchester United that are still in crisis, not Arsenal. As you'll see in these enjoyable headlines.

International Business Times 2/27/2014
Manchester United Crisis: Arsenal, Liverpool and City Fans Revel in David Moyes Turmoil

Daily Star 2/28/2014
Manchester United are a club in crisis: Manchester United are in meltdown

March 2014

Daily Mail 3/4/2014
Man United need an Arab sheik or Russian oligarch with 2bn to solve crisis, says Salford betting millionaire Done

Well, Arsenal lost a game to the cavemen in a very uninspiring fashion and you know what that means....SEASON ENDING CRISIS. To be fair it is a demoralizing defeat and it basically leaves us in fourth place with difficult fixtures upcoming. However, one loss and the headlines suddenly turn to CRISIS is a bit much.

International Business Times 3/5/2014
Mesut Ozil Reveals Reason Behind his Arsenal Crisis

The Mirror 3/6/2014
Arsenal's FA Cup tie against Everton is THE most important in their fixture list - only silverware will stop a crisis

So apparently, the Stoke loss ushered in another "crisis". Then this weekend, Arsenal, led by none other than Mesut Ozil, defeated Everton 4-1 to punch their ticket to the FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley. It now appears that this latest "crisis" is over. But, you never know when another "crisis" may be lurking.

Here is the City Sport 3/10/2014
'Crisis over' - German press react to Mesut Ozil's Arsenal performance

The love affair with Ozil was over in less than a week with hacks calling the player a failure after he had a poor first half at Bayern Munich. It later turned out that he was trying to play with a pulled hamstring, but that didn't play in to the disgraceful stories cooked up by the media. The worst culprit of all was Neil Ashton in the Daily Mail who wrote a piece with the title, Lost and lazy Ozil might have cost Arsenal £42.5m but he isn't worth two-bob...and he's nicking a living". Ashton rightfully received a lot of grief over his inappropriate and outlandish "story". But, that's covered in another blog post. Regardless, the media was just waiting for another Arsenal "crisis" to develop.

International Business Times 3/13/2014
Arsenal's Injury Crisis Deepens as Ramsey Unsure of Tottenham Return

Sunday World 3/15/2014
Arsenal gripped by midfield injury crisis

March 15 - Today Aston Villa worked their butts off and pulled off an unexpected victory over Chel$ki and their obnoxious manager. That is a massive three points dropped by Chelsea and opens the door for Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool to get back in to the title race.

Of course when Arsenal recently lost to Stoke 1-0 the rags and their writers came at Arsenal with venom and of course spoke of another "crisis". Let's see if these crap tabloids are consistent with their overzealous headliness and declare Chelsea in crisis. Certainly many Arsenal fans are asking this question today.

(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Well, that door which was opened last week has pretty much been slammed in the face of Arsenal. There are going to be a lot of headlines screaming "crisis" this week...and sadly Arsenal deserve it this time. Plain and simple Arsenal were embarrassed and humiliated this past weekend as the team were played off the pitch and lost 6-0. While fans are arguing over ArseneIn or ArseneOut, the fact is that this team will not be good enough to win the title unless they can figure out how to beat, or at least compete with, the bigger clubs. I thought the 5-1 demolition at Liverpool was embarrassing, the Chelsea game was SHOCKING.

So for your reading pleasure here are the best of the "crisis" headlines:

TalkSport March 24, 2014
Revealed? What was said in the Arsenal crisis talks

Daily Star March 24, 2014
Mike Arteta issues grovelling apology after Arsenal hold post-Chelsea crisis talks

Express March 24, 2014
Crisis talks? Gunners are ready to right wrongs after Chelsea annihilation 

After the mauling by Chelsea, Arsenal threw away a victory over Swansea and settled for a draw. This past weekend, Arsenal hosted Man City and based on recent events, most fans were expecting a beat down. In the end, the Gunners fought back from one goal to level the score and shared the points. Considering what could have been, we'll take it.

Meanwhile, some "fans" have been making a lot of noise about how it's time for Wenger to go. Of course the media picks up on this and "crisis" headlines are inevitable. On a side note, the disrespect being shown to Wenger by these "fans" and the media is absolutely shameful. Maybe some of these fans have only been following Arsenal for a few years, but they should go over Arsenal's history before running their mouths. Wenger has been a loyal and successful servant and should be given the respect he deserves instead of being told to F-Off.

International Business Times March 26, 2014
Arsenal's Perennial Crisis: Is it Finally Time for Arsene Wenger to Bow Out?

Islington Gazette April 3, 2014
All Guns Blazing: The real culprit behind Arsenal's injury crisis

Well, well, well....with two back to back wins and a trip to the FA Cup Final the Arsenal crisis conversation has gone cold. However, some of our good friends at Manchester United and Jose "the egotistical one" Mourinho may be feeling the heat these days. Of course the media kiss Mourinho's butt so much that his billionaire boys clubs' loss to last place Sunderland would never be called a "crisis" or be labelled "bottling it". Finally, however, the disrespectful bully is being called out for his self entitled behaviour. Here are a few choice ones:

Daily Mail, April 20, 2014
Jose Mourinho and his staff must grow up not blow up

The Independent April 21, 2014
Jose Mourinho: Graceless reaction of Chelsea manager a sad effort to hide his own flaws

As for Manchester United, news of Moyes' demise are all over Twitter and the media today. Here are a few:

Irish Independent April 21, 2014
David Moyes to be sacked within 24 hours as Manchester United boss 

The Telegraph, April 21, 2014
David Moyes edging closer to Manchester United exit door after abject display against former club Everton

Yahoo Sports, April 21, 2014
Bookies suspend betting on Moyes being sacked by United

May 17, 2014

It's official....the crisis count is over and the "it's been nine years since Arsenal last won a trophy" comments will cease to be uttered.  Back in August when Arsenal lost their first match of the season at home to Aston Villa the doom and gloom and crisis mongers were out in full force. Now, nine months later and the feeling around Arsenal is positive. The club spent more days atop the EPL than any other club, after being called "bottlers" other clubs such as Chelsea and Liverpool showed what "bottlers" really are, Arsenal secured their 17th straight season of Champions League football and they won the club's 11th all time FA Cup Trophy. With Manchester City winning the title and the League Cup, Arsenal were the only other EPL club to win a trophy. That's right, the egotistical one won NOTHING, Manchester United imploded and RVP's team finished 7th and Liverpool flirted with the league only to fade at the end.

All in all not bad for a team that the media likes to label a "CLUB IN CRISIS".

Here's to Arsenal and the 2013-2014 season: CRISIS AVERTED.

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