Sunday, September 1, 2013

North London Is...and Always Has Been....Red - Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0

Heading in to just the third EPL game of the season Arsenal fans have been subjected to all sorts of negativity being directed at their club...some from even the club's own fans. In addition to media claims of a "crisis" at the club, fans have listened to pundits declaring the rise of Tottenham in North London after spending millions on new recruits while predicting the demise of Arsenal due to Arsene Wenger's lack of spending in the transfer market.

I of course would like to see Arsenal strengthened, but what seems to be lost on everyone predicting the changing of the guard in North London is the fact that money and new faces don't win matches. Rather, what does get results is a well run team of players that can perform well together and get results on the pitch.

Tottenham fans were cocky and buzzing heading in to the match as based on some of the evidence on Twitter:

Proving once again that money doesn't automatically buy success and happiness, Arsenal defeated Tottenham with a solid and confident 1-0 victory. Olivier Giroud scored a beautiful goal with an assist from Theo Walcott and the defense looked solid and held tight. An added bonus was that Szczesny put in a great shift in goal.

Adding to the collective "in your face" reaction of happy Gooners everywhere is the fact that following this victory Arsenal are ahead of both Manchester United and Tottenham in the table. Plus just two weeks after being labeled a club in "crisis" Arsenal sit in fourth place. Deservedly, Arsenal fans were in rare form on Twitter following the victory:

It was also nice to see some of the pissed off and deflated Spuds fans venting their frustration on Twitter as well.

One win certainly does not make the season and three games is just a fraction of the schedule. However, if the media is going to declare a "crisis" after one game, then Arsenal fans have every right to celebrate and shove it back in to the faces of all the haters and doomsayers after a big win. Plus, this just proves once again that North London is Red.

One other highlight of today was seeing Manchester United and David Moyes being put in their place by Liverpool. Robin "Judas" van Pursestrings was shut out and a lot of the ManU arroganace seems to have left the pitch.

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