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The Little Boy Inside Gets What He Deserves....Judas & Man United Experiencing Mid Table Mediocrity

Karma - Another way to say "what goes around comes around"

Judas - Traitor; especially one who betrays under the guise of friendship

Sports fans are loyal to their teams and feel an attachment to the clubs and players they support.  It's especially true in the football world. Fans live and breathe with their clubs. Of course as fans, we're crazy to expect loyalty from players that earn ridiculous money, but respect is something that should be exhibited towards the fans that support the players and help to pay their inflated salaries.
When Robin van Persie demanded a trade away from Arsene Wenger and Arsenal he proclaimed that he didn't like the direction that the club were going in. His exact statement after signing with United was:
"Man United breathes football in every aspect and for me it was quite soon I made my decision. Of course it was based on a lot of things and all these things went for Man United. I always listen in these situations, when you have to make a hard decision in your life. I always listen to the little boy inside of me, what does he want? That boy was screaming for Man United".
At that time I wrote a blog post entitled:

RVP Shows Arsenal and Arsene Wenger a Total Lack of  Respect

Not to rehash the same information, but van Persie was signed by Arsene Wenger and made his name under the tutelage of Arsene Wenger. Arsenal were patient with the player as he spent a ton of time out injured and stuck with him when others were writing him off as a lost cause. Finally he had a breakout season in 2011-12 and he led the league with 30 goals. It was a tough campaign for Arsenal and van Persie was part of the team that suffered through a humiliating 8-2 early season defeat at Manchester United. Despite the troubles, Arsenal still managed to finish third.

Robin van Persie had had enough. He didn't want to be a leader and help guide Arsenal to success. He wanted the easy way to trophies and that meant joining a team at the top. If van Persie had asked for a transfer and been respectful to the club and its fans, Gooners still would have been upset. However, van Persie showed zero class and zero respect.. He made one rude statement online directed at Arsenal fans where he claimed that he did not like the direction the club were going in. What he was saying, was basically, I'm not a leader and I want to go to a club that has the best chance of winning a trophy. In other words, I don't want to work to be a part of helping my club achieve glory. Instead, I want to taste victory in the easiest way I'm out of here.

RVP  did get the EPL title he so craved last season with Manchester United. Arsenal eventually finished fourth. Manchester United supporters were mocking Arsenal fans saying that RVP had to come to ManU to join a winning club. They also made fun of Arsenal for celebrating when they secured 4th place which guaranteed another year of Champions League competition.

We all know the saying what goes around comes around, but we don't always get to see that play out. However, it appears that we are seeing that this season with van Persie and his "beloved" Manchester United. Fergie left, Moyes came in and the club have been playing like crap. They lost their second home match in a row today completing a humiliating week. Moyes' old club, Everton, defeated United at Old Trafford for the first time in 21 years. Today it was Newcastle that added to United's misery by defeating United at home for the first time in 41 years.

Well wouldn't you know it, but rumors are circulating today that Judas van Persie wants out of Man United. If this is the case, he has got to be the biggest front running glory hunting mercenary in sports. Another example of when the going gets tough, van Persie wants out.

It's been wonderful to watch Man United languish in 9th place and to see their "entitled" fans start to freak out. It'll be interesting to see how United fans react if van Persie does want out. These are the same fans that mocked Arsenal supporters for referring to van Persie as a traitor and suggested that Gooners needed to "get over it". The hypocrisy that will emanate from Manchester United fans if RVP demands a transfer will be hysterical.

Regardless of RVP, Manchester United have been the Yankees of the EPL....entitled and getting all the breaks. Seeing the club struggling and trailing LEAGUE LEADERS Arsenal by 12 points (15 if Arsenal win tomorrow) is so rewarding to Gooners that have been laughed at by the plastic Man United fans. In fact, it seems that fans of every team are enjoying watching United languish in mediocrity.

Here is one of the articles regarding the alleged transfer request by van Persie as well as a sampling of just some of the Twitter conversation about RVP after today's loss.

Karma definitely seems to be catching up to a true Judas and it's wonderful to see.

Robin van Persie has handed in a transfer request at Manchester United, says Mark Lawrenson

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