Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ike Davis For MVP: Yet Another Bad Trade By The Mets

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The Ike Davis era in New York is now officially over. It's sad because when Davis came up in 2010 he was an instant fan favorite. Even through his never ending struggles, the fans were pretty much on his side. Unfortunately, Davis seemed to have a black cloud over him. When Lucas Duda was awarded the first base job this spring, it was obvious that Davis' time with the Mets was done.

I'll be the first to say that he has under achieved and been one of the most frustrating Mets players in recent history (and there have been many). The most frustrating aspect of all, however, is that Davis actually has talent. His pinch hit walk-off grand slam versus the Reds earlier this month was proof of that. 

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Now Davis is off to the Pirates and us Mets fans are stuck with Lucas Duda as our first baseman. While neither Davis or Duda would have been anybody's top choice, I believe that the Mets have once again made the wrong one. As I've stated many times before, I do not think that Duda is an everyday Major League Player. He is slower than rush hour traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike and constantly costs the Mets runs on the base paths. Duda doesn't hit for average, isn't clutch and strikes out a ton. The only saving grace, is that he will be less of a liability at first than in the outfield, as he no longer will allow outs to turn in to singles due to being unable to catch up with a fly ball. Go Mets.

As for Davis....I predict his new lease on life will allow him to thrive. Free of the Mets' circus and the media onslaught, he'll be able to play baseball without the extra baggage. He's off to a good start, having gone 2 for 3 in his first game in Pittsburgh.

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So as we bid adieu to Ike Davis, let's take a trip down memory lane and add his name to the list of most notable New York Mets bad trades and signings:
  • Jason Bay 
  • Kaz Matsui
  • Bobby Bonilla (From Wikipedia: Bonilla is currently being paid approximately $1.19 million by the New York Mets each year, a deal made when the Mets released Bonilla before the 2000 baseball season and still owed him $5.9 million for the final year of his contract. The deal expires in 2035, at which point Bonilla will have been paid $29.8 million for a season in which he did not even play for the Mets.) 
  • Mo Vaughan 
  • Roberto Alomar 
  • Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano 
  • Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi
  • Tom Seaver for Pat Zachry, Doug Flynn, Steve Henderson, Dan Norman 
  • ***Ike Davis (Time will tell) 
Knowing the Mets' luck and their uncanny ability to make the wrong choice, I now predict that Ike Davis will be the 2014 National League MVP.
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