Tuesday, May 20, 2014

There's Only One Arsene Wenger

Arsenal's 2013-2014 campaign has finally come to an end and it's been a crazy nine month ride.  There were some amazing highs (beating Tottenham in all 3 meetings) and a number of major lows (embarrassing losses at Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City). In its entirety, however, it's been a successful and redeeming campaign which saw Arsenal:
  • Once again finish above Tottenham and celebrate St. Totteringham's Day.
  • Spend the most time atop the EPL table of all other clubs.
  • Qualify for the Champions League for the 17th straight season.
  • Win the FA Cup and put an end to the "it's been 9 years without a trophy" talk.

It's hard to believe that it was nine months ago that Arsenal lost their season opener at the Emirates to Aston Villa. The feeling that day was of impending doom and the vitriol began being thrown in the direction of Arsene Wenger. Thus the hashtag #WengerOut became a regular on Twitter as fans vented their rage at the manager every time something went wrong.

As someone who greatly admires Arsene Wenger, it was sad to see such a dignified and successful man be the subject of so much abuse. I will admit, there did come a time during the season, where I found myself wondering if the #WengerOut crowd were right. That is why the end of the campaign was extra special.

The players and fans had been craving a trophy for a long time. Perhaps some of us were spoiled as Arsenal were one of the dominant forces when I began following the club in the late 90's. It seemed as if every season Arsenal were winning the league or the FA Cup. After winning the 2005 FA Cup the drought began. That almost came to an end in 2011, but as all Arsenal fans know, the club's loss to Birmingham City in the League Cup only exacerbated the waiting.

As the years without a trophy went by it was Arsene Wenger that took a brunt of the criticism. He always acted with class and dignity and took the negativity without hitting back. Meanwhile oil rich owners came in and began pouring their fortunes in to Chelsea and Manchester City in order to "buy" EPL success. For that reason, the FA Cup is pure vindication for Arsene Wenger. That photo of him holding the cup might as well be captioned with a big FU.

When that egotistical and overrated jackass Jose Mourinho had the audacity to publicly criticize Arsene Wenger to the media, he dubbed Wenger a "specialist in failure"., I don't know how Wenger didn't go over & kick the guy in the nuts. Well, in a great example of what goes around, comes around, it is Wenger that ended the season with a trophy and Mourinho is the one that won nothing.

Of course now the silly season begins and the rumors will be flying of which players are Arsenal bound. The early talk sounds good as Wenger has been given the cash to bring in the necessary players to make the club stronger next season. Arsenal and Wenger have once again tasted success and hopefully they can strengthen and challenge for the title and more trophies next season.

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