Monday, April 6, 2015

And So It Begins! Baseball is Back and so are the New York Mets

There's nothing like baseball's Opening Day! Every team starts off with a clean slate and every fan can dream of their team becoming MLB Champions. 

Of course for us Mets fans that dream usually ends before May even arrives. This year, however, there is a sense that the Mets are a team on the up. In fact, a lot of sports writers are picking the Mets to have a better season than the Yankees. Sorry to be excited by that prospect, but when you're the club that has gotten kicked around by the cross town bullies for so many years, their suffering is enjoyable.

When I heard that Terry Collins had named Bartolo Colon as the opening day starter against Max Scherzer and the Nationals, I and countless other Mets fans declared him crazy. He still may be crazy, but the 41-year-old Pillsbury Doughboy, Colon, pitched extremely well and the bullpen held the lead. Game one is in the books.

Adding to the joy of  Opening Day is the fact that the Yankees lost 6-1 in their home opener against Toronto in the Bronx.

Then it got even better when Crystal Palace defeated Sheikh Mansour's Billionaire Boys Club 2-1 leaving the Oil Barons in 4th place with Arsenal sitting in 2nd.

All in all a great start to the baseball season and Crystal Palace did everyone that thinks money shouldn't buy championships a massive favor.

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