Saturday, April 9, 2016

Proof that you should watch what you say on Twitter - Dedicated to Leicester City, the Club's Fans and Especially the EPL Manager of the Year Claudio Ranieri

Being a big Twitter user for football related matters, I distinctly remember the reaction to Leicester City's appointment of Cladio Ranieri as the club's new manager. The negativity and vitriol was almost universal. Before a ball was even kicked Leicester seemed to have already been relegated by pundits, betting sites and fans.

Well Leicester City fans this one is for you to enjoy. Perhaps you'll even want to print it out and hang it on the wall. We all know that social media can be dangerous as everything you say (or tweet in this instance) is permanent. Well what follows is a collection of some of the best anti Ranieri and Leicester to be relegated tweets. What will make reading this even sweeter for Leicester fans is seeing that these tweets have come from fans of "title contenders" Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham. There are even tweets from fans of club's who are currently scratching and clawing to stave off relegation while Leicester are sitting pretty at the top of the table.

Claudio Ranieri must have some thick skin. I hope that he's getting his middle finger ready for a big salute to those that doubted him when Leicester eventually lift up the EPL trophy. Where egotistical, it's all about me managers such as Jose Mourinho get stroked by the media; Ranieri has been vilified.

So while Mourinho was sacked and now sits on the sidelines, he gets to watch as Ranieri guides his underdog squad with nothing but grace and class. I hope Mourinho is watching as Ranieri and Leicester lift the trophy while his former side languish. Funny how the the "great" manager was sacked months ago, while the manager predicted to be sacked first continues to rack up victories.

So congrats to Leicester City, the fans and especially Claudio Ranieri. It's great to see that fairy tales can actually come true in real life!

In the meantime enjoy this look back at some of the tweets from last summer when the season was just getting started.

From Manchester United fans

From Arsenal fans

From Chelsea fans

From Spurs fan

From Liverpool fan

From a couple of guys about to lose their homes

Never go with these guys' predictions 

In the midst of all the negativity and anti Ranieri tweets, there were those that didn't buy in to all the pessimism and were believers from the start. Kudos to them:

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