Monday, October 18, 2010

Yankees Suck...and so do Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and a few others...

Hey Yankees, who's your Daddy?
While October 2nd marked the end of the baseball season for the Mets, it was just the beginning of what seems like my annual post season ritual of rooting for whomever the Yankees are playing.  While Minnesota wasn't up to the task, Texas so far is looking good.  As I write this the "fans" of the Yankees are streaming out of the ballpark in the top of the 9th as their team are being owned by Cliff Lee and the Texas Rangers.  It's aswesome to watch.  Tonight's starting rightfielder for the Rangers Jeff Francouer began the season as a New York Met.  So using the 6 degrees of seperation theory the Mets are getting one over on the Yankees.  (Yes that's stretching it but it's true),

As for Arsenal, they got back on track with a 2-1 win over Birmingham City.  It was an ugly win, but in truth that is what the team needed.  They've played too many beautiful games where they didn't get the results.  The weekend was also beneficial as both Chelski and Manchester United were held to draws.  Also making me laugh is the news that Wayne Rooney and Alex Ferguson have had a falling out and that Rooney wants out of United.  Anything that makes United weaker is better for Arsenal and therefore a good thing.

I know that I should concentrate on my own teams and not feel joy at watching the failings of competitors, but this is sports and this is a blog so throw all that goodness out the window. 
Shrek wants out of Man. U.


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