Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mets Fans Get Some Off Season Good News, While Yankee Fans Don't

Your National League Rookie of the Year Jacob DeGrom
I truly believe that the tide is starting to turn. Of course I said that at the beginning of last baseball season and we're still waiting to see this. However, I truly feel that the time has come and the Yankees and Mets are about to trade places in the haves and have not categories.

It's not too often that Mets fans get good news at any time of year, but during the uneventful baseball month of November it is as rare as a Mets World Championship. However, that's exactly what we got this week:.

Jacob deGrom Runs Away With Rookie of the Year Award


New York Mets Sign 2013 Batting Champion Michael Cuddyer

Virginia is for David Wright, Michael Cuddeyer & the New York Mets

.....and last week:

Mets center fielder Juan Lagares wins Gold Glove award

New York Mets rookie center fielder and 2014 Gold Glove winner Juan Lagares

Meanwhile, the Yankees were getting headlines of their own...but in the case of the Evil Empire they were the kind that you really don't want to see:

David Robertson rejects Yankees’ qualifying offer

Leaving a sinking ship...Show Me The Money


Alex Rodriguez May Be Out at Third as Yankees Pursue Other Options

Don't worry Yankee fans, guess who's returning to the Bronx

In other words, the Mets are on the rise with talented young pitchers, fielders and prospects while the Yankees are on the decline. 

The Mets this week now have a Rookie of the Year winning pitcher, a gold glove winning rookie center fielder and and a solid hitting former batting champion who chose to join the Mets.

The Yankees meanwhile have no shortstop, no closer, aging and ailing veterans with heavy contracts and can now welcome back the most detested cheater in baseball A-Rod.

It's only 3 months until Spring Training!! For us Mets fans it's an exciting time. Meanwhile, let's see how many "loyal" Yankee fans are still around next season when mediocrity fills the house that Ruth built.

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