Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The 12 Most Detestable Players Currently Playing in the EPL - Part One

As I sit here watching Stoke at Manchester United, a thought went through my head. Who would I rather get a chance to punch if I only had one shot....Robin Van Persie or Samir Nasri? The sight of Robin Van Persie disgusts me and I find myself not only rooting for Stoke, but even more so, rooting for Robin Van Persie to fail.

That got me thinking of the EPL players that I cannot stand and I decided to put together my list of The 12 Most Detestable Players Currently Playing in the EPL: The list could have been longer but a number of players have moved abroad so Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale and Ashley Cole will be spared their inclusion.

So here are my personal choices for The 12 Most Detestable Players Currently Playing in the EPL:

Samir Nasri 

Number one on the list is the biggest d-bag in the entire league. He is a mercenary and an ungrateful little prat that would stab you in the back for a bit of cash and status. Not only did he abandon the team that made him and then insult the club (Arsenal), his crap attitude led to him being excluded from the French national team during this past summer's World Cup.


Robin Van Persie

Van Purse Strings as he is now known is another ungrateful piece of crap in the Na$ri mold. After spending most of his time with Arsenal out injured, he had a fantastic season and immediately bolted for money & to kiss Fergie's butt. That's bad enough, but the way in which he did it amounted to a big FU to the club and the fans that had supported him. Like a wimp he wrote "An Update For The Fans". He's also a nasty git with a crap attitude.

The little boy inside of me wants to kiss your ass Fergie

There are many reasons to hate this contemptible moron (here's a good list) but when I read about him and his Chelsea buddy Frank Lampard getting drunk and mocking American tourists at Heathrow Airport on September 11th, that was enough to put him in the top 3. Getting his teammate and good friend's girlfriend pregnant while also cheating on his wife is a pretty good reason too.

You won't shake my hand? Is it because I got your girlfriend pregnant?

Same reason as the despicable John Terry above. However, even funnier, Lampard has now "signed" for the new New York City franchise NYFC and wants to make amends to all the New Yorkers and Americans he insulted. Considering that he may dis the club that he supposedly signed for (NYFC) to remain with the club that is using NYFC as a minor league franchise (Man City, come on admit it) he's not going to endear himself with potential NYFC fans. If Lampard is still in England when NYFC begins training for their inaugural season next month, he will prove what a hypocrite he is and how dirty Manchester Universe (I mean City) are with regards to playing by the rules. Oh, Lampard is also a man whore.

Who do I play for Mr. Mansour?

Emmanuel Adebayor

This article entitled, "Emmanuel Adebayor is lazy, irritating, overpaid and surrounded by hangers-on but there's a marvelous player in there somewhere" pretty much explains it all. Adebayor is a mini Nicolas Anelka. He plays well and becomes popular with fans and his teammates...eventually he sulks and starts to stink...he wants out...goes to a new team and then he starts the cycle all over again. He is particularly hated, however, for the disgraceful goal celebration where he purposely antagonized Arsenal fans and almost caused a riot.

I am a total asshole

Wayne Rooney

To be fair he appears to be mellowing a bit as he ages but his ridiculous tantrums, temper and insolent behavior that have been on display throughout his career are enough to put him on the list. Add to that the fact that he visited a prostitute while his wife was pregnant (hysterically he had to pay £1,000 for a hooker while other footballers have women throwing themselves at them). Oh, he also cheated on his wife with a grandmother!!

We have six more detestable footballers to go and they will be included in Part Two.

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